The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 35 Minutes of Gameplay

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by Kyoung Hwan Kim

by Kyoung Hwan Kim

by hoooook


Here is a quick video I’ve done for my band Expectations.

Our new album “After Twenty Years” will be up on our bandcamp page ( on August 17th! Be sure to check it out!

Also our European Tour with Eaglehaslanded starts on August 30th! If by any chance we are playing in your city come and say hi!

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by Richard Anderson

by Richard Anderson

by Marthe Jonkers

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by Kyoung Hwan Kim

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by Tyler Jacobson

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Tool - Vicarious
  • Artist: Tool
  • Track: Vicarious
  • Album: 10,000 Days
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"Vicarious" by Tool

"The universe is hostile, so impersonal, devour to survive, so it is, so it’s always been…"